The Blacksmith's Daughter —  Selim  Özdoğan
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/ Selim Özdoğan
The Blacksmith's Daughter

translated by Ayça Türkoğlu and Katy Derbyshire
Titel von V&Q Books

Told with great affection for his characters, Selim Özdoğan's triology traces out the life of Gül, a Turkish girl who grows up in the 1950s Anatolia and then moves to Germany as a migrant worker. Book one details her initially idyllic chidhood, ruptured by her mother's early death. Ever closer to her loving father, Gül grows into a warm-hearted, hard-working young women.

"The Blacksmith's Daughter" is a novel full of carefree summers and hard winters, old wives' tales and young people's ambitions - the melancholy beauty and pain of an ordinary life.



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