Birgit Weyhe Katy Derbyshire (Translator)

‘Madgermanes’ is what the Mozambican workers once contracted out to East Germany are called today. At the end of the 1970s, some 20,000 of them were sent from the People’s Republic of Mozambique to the GDR to labour for their socialist sister country. After the Berlin Wall fell, almost all of them lost their residency

  • Madgermanes
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    236 pages
    1. Oktober 2021
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Francis Nenik Katy Derbyshire (Translator)

V&Q Books Title Francis Nenik’s thrilling slice of narrative non-fiction »Journey through a Tragicomic Century« is about the life of the forgotten writer Hasso Grabner, told with great joy in language and love of absurdity. The journey takes us from the Young Communists in 1920s Leipzig to wartime Crete, with Grabner falling from steelworks director

  • Journey through a Tragicomic Century
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    Narrative non-fiction
    192 pages
    15. September 2020
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  • Journey through a Tragicomic Century
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    15. September 2020
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